“We customize all our workshops as per your requirements”


Mentor individuals on different or changing stages in life like Adulthood, Wedding, Pregnancy, Senior age
This consultancy will empower individuals to
  • Comprehend the power of Image and the management of it at all stages of life
  • Change your wardrobe and style as you pass from one stage to another
  • Comprehend that each stage of life calls for different fabrics, textures and colours
  • Understand your evolving personal style in different stages
  • Turn your weaknesses to strengths in these stages to project a confident you
  • Inspire others at the same stage with your impeccable style and grooming

Target audience and duration

  • Ideal for Individuals, Groups, Family, Hospitals, Wedding Planners, Clubs, Communities
  • Duration-2 to 4 hours or 1to 2-day format or as per your requirement