• What is image management?
    Image management is understanding your image and how it fits into various aspects of your life. It is an on-going process that aims to shape your personal and professional image to make you more successful in life.
  • Who are image consultants?
    Image consultants help you identify your unique personality and create your personal style! We work on your dressing aesthetics to give you a competitive edge. We make sure your image helps you become more productive in your work space.
  • Who do we work with?
    We work with a diverse range of people and situations from all walks of life; CEO’s, managers, lawyers, retailers, brands, mothers, creatives, and scientists. Regardless of your background, we aim to help you leave a positive, lasting impression on people.
  • What is wardrobe management?
    Wardrobe management involves going through your existing wardrobe and decluttering it. We help you keep important items and do away with the unwanted.
  • What is personal shopping?
    Through personal shopping, we accompany you on your shopping trip to pick out pieces that flatter your body type and suit your personality.
  • What is personal branding?
    Personal branding is marketing your career as a brand. We help you by providing the right knowledge, skills and tools to brand your image in the best possible way!
  • Who will benefit from our services?
    Anyone facing challenges with building self-confidence, self-image and having body image issues will benefit from our services.
  • Are these services for individuals?
    Definitely not! We conduct group sessions and workshops for corporate professionals and conduct workshops at institutions.
  • Are packages customized?
    Yes. Packages are individually customized based on specific needs.